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Special Souls On Fire Track at ISC22


A Peek At Souls On Fire Track of Igniting Souls Conference 2022

At the core of Igniting Souls and the Igniting Souls Conference is the goal and promise that we, as a community, seek to ignite 100 million souls by 2030. What counts as a “soul ignited”? Books sold, clients coached, attendees at a speaking engagement, video views, and any other way that a tribe member reaches others with their message. 

This year at ISC22, we’re excited to have a conference track called Souls on Fire dedicated to helping you live your best and healthiest life, get your mindset right, and maximize your impact.

Sonya Fernandez will help you find balance in your work and life

We hear a lot these days about the importance of having a work-life balance. But how many of us actually do? Sonya Fernandez, author of Your Healing Has Already Happened, is joining us at ISC22 to talk about attaining and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle by integrating fitness and nutrition. 

Sonya’s book helps readers identify the signals the body sends about balance in their lives, unleash and experience their true selves, and implement a 5-step process that moves them from darkness to light. As a yoga instructor, founder of FitClub24, and coach, Sonya is dedicated to helping others create a healthy, active lifestyle by integrating fitness and nutrition.

Don’t miss Sonya’s talk, Your Healing Has Already Happened, based on the principles of her book at ISC22!


Jeff Henderson will help you clarify your purpose

Your customers or audience may know what you provide but do they know what you are for? Jeff Henderson, author of Know What You’re For and What To Do Next, helps individuals and organizations clarify their purpose and achieve success through being people-centric. Once we clarify what we’re for, we can focus better on the needs of those we serve, and reach new heights in our businesses and lives. 

In his talk, Know What You’re FOR: A Practical and Proven Growth Strategy for Your  Business and Life, Jeff will unpack how to put your purpose into action by focusing on those you serve. As a former pastor, coach, author, and speaker, Jeff has spent years perfecting his strategy. He’s ready to share it with YOU. 


Natalie Dawn Hanson will help you get out of your own way

Are you getting in your own way? Join the club. Although we might be our worst critics, Natalie Dawn Hanson has a proven process to help us find freedom. Get Out of Your Own Way: How to Battle the Mind and Soar with Purpose, is a message geared toward helping set you free from your own mind and step into your worth.

Natalie’s Made to Soar Movement and SOAR coaching method help people embrace their innate greatness and unveil their God-given potential. She has a passion to help people embrace who they are, step into their worth, and take flight in pursuit of their dreams. This is a fundamental principle to ignite souls on fire.

Jeremie Kubicek will help you find and maintain peace 

We live in a chaotic world. Between the news cycle, pressures at home and work, and the constant influx of information from our digital devices—it can be hard to find peace. Jeremie Kubicek, author of many bestsellers including his new release The Peace Index, equips us with the tools we need to experience peace on a daily basis. 

You might have heard of the global peace index. It measures and tracks where in the world people are most at peace. Jeremie adapted this concept in his book, The Peace Index: A Five-Part Framework to Conquer Chaos and Find Fulfillment, into a tool we can all use to find and maintain peace in our day-to-day lives. In his talk, Jeremie teaches us how to leverage the “peace index” in a way that advances our personal and professional life. 


Dr. Katrina Ubell will help you reach and maintain a healthy weight for life

Have you tried to lose weight and been frustrated by the results? Or, maybe you’ve successfully lost weight and had a hard time maintaining your progress. After more than a decade as a physician, Dr. Katrina Ubell noticed that her fellow healthcare professionals often de-prioritize their own wellness. They rely only on willpower to lose weight. To solve this problem, Katrina cracked the code for making weight loss permanent. She developed a program targeted at busy physicians like herself who often de-prioritize their own wellness.

Katrina’s proven method has helped over 1,000 physicians. But you don’t have to be a doctor for the method to work. In her talk, How to Lose Weight for the Last Time: Brain-Based Solutions for Permanent Weight Loss, Katrina is going to share how and why conventional weight-loss methods fail, and how to do it better forever.


Sarah Grandstaff will help you build an Unhackable Team

Building strong teams within your organization is critical to success. With twenty years of experience, serving in multiple roles, Sarah Grandstaff has a proven track record defined by creating success and significance. Sarah’s book is dedicated to helping leaders build and maintain a team to prevent burnout and gain the best results across an organization. 

In her talk, Unhackable Teams, Sarah shows us how to leverage the unique abilities of each team member to maximize efficiency, satisfaction, and impact. Sarah has already employed the principles from her book to help many companies to build truly unhackable teams that create individual and organizational wins. 


Join us at the Igniting Souls 2022 Conference

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