Company History

Kary Oberbrunner began his professional publishing career in 2003 when he secured his first traditional book contract. In 2010, he discovered how to turn his fourth book, Your Secret Name, into 18 streams of income. In 2014, after many of his clients and readers requested help, he started his own publishing company, based upon this proven framework. Since 2003, he has trained over 250,000 influencers through his live events and online courses.

Today, the Igniting Souls Publishing Agency helps influencers turn their wisdom into wealth by writing, publishing, and marketing their books the right way.

Igniting Souls Publishing Agency runs on EOS© (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and Strategic Coach, and brings these three unique offerings to you:

  • Agency: “One-stop” Writing, Publishing, and Marketing
  • Partnership: (TLC) Trusted, Long-term, Cutting-edge
  • Income: The 18 Streams of Income Proven Process

About Kary

Kary Oberbrunner
CEO Igniting Souls Publishing Agency
Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best-selling Author

KARY OBERBRUNNER, CEO of Igniting Souls Publishing Agency, is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author. Through his writing, speaking, and coaching, Kary helps individuals and organizations clarify who they are, why they are here, and where they are going so they can become souls on fire.

As a young man, Kary suffered from severe stuttering, depression, and self-injury. He struggled to find his own distinct voice and passion. Today, a transformed man, Kary equips people to experience Unhackability in work and life and share their message with the world. Over the past twenty years, he has ignited over one million people with his content.

He lives in Ohio with his wife, Kelly, and their three children.

About the Leadership Team

Lori Piotrowski, NV, Director of Project Management

Melissa Fultz, SC, Marketing Manager/Strategic Assistant

Tanisha Williams, NJ, Director of CRM

Daphne Smith, AR, Director of Sales, Client Operations, and Author Academy Elite

Jamie Chambers, OH, Director of Finance

About the Team

Sheila Davis, TN, Social Media Video-Content Manager

Michel Longpre, Quebec, CA, Community Coordinator

Leigha Sherman, TX, Project Manager

Jessica Polsdorfer, OH, Event & Program Strategist

Niccie Kliegl, IA, Director of BAE, Fire Ring Coach

Tony Colson, SC, AAE Coach

Rikki Meister, MN, Tribe Community Coordinator

Kiera Colson, SC, Tribe Community Coordinator

Crissy Maier, NY, Author Liaison-Director Ethos-Project Manager

Erica Foster, OH, Fulfillment Coordinator

Erin Casey, TX, Senior Editor

Jeff Mach, IL, Project Manager

At Igniting Souls Publishing Agency, we attract the best team members because of our shared core values. These values literally serve as our GPS. 

About the Most Important Member of Our Team: YOU!

Igniting Souls exists to do exactly that: ignite souls. One of those souls could be yours. Click below to learn more about how we can help you tell your story, live your dream and get results; or contact us directly to determine how we may be of help to you as an author, entrepreneur, or influencer.