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Learn how to maximize your influence at ISC22

The world has changed, and ISC22 is bringing the experts in to help you adapt to those changes and maximize your influence. For this year’s conference, slated for October 21-23, 2022, we have five different conference tracks to choose from: Web3, Influencers, Souls on Fire, Entrepreneurs, and Authors. 

The Influencer track offers breakout sessions with speakers that will help you tailor your content, reach new audiences, and ignite souls across the world! Here are a few examples:

Jonily Zupanic will show you how to deliver content that connects

Knowing what you want to say is only half the battle when it comes to engaging your audience. You have to deliver that message in an engaging and immersive way in order for you to maximize your influence and have maximum impact. Jonily Zupanic is a talented coach, teacher trainer, and mathineer maker who provides professional development and instructional coaching to teachers. 

She’s developed a method for crafting SMART© presentations that deliver content that connects. SMART© is informed by Jonily’s deep understanding of evidence-based learning strategies from the world of education. Once you know how people learn and retain information, you’ll be able to craft your own message in a way that best connects with your audience and drives engagement.

Dr. Brandt Gibson will share how to reach your audience through quiz funnels and online summits

Marketing funnels have been a mainstay for thought leaders and influencers for a long time. Some people think they’re dead with the advent of new data privacy controls that make it harder to locate and reach your target audience. Dr. Brandt Gibson, though, thinks a lot of people have it all wrong. 

He’s going to share new and revolutionary ways to build your audience by adapting to the changing world rather than fighting against it. These data privacy changes are really a reflection of a trust deficit in the world. And, as Brandt told us, it’s not that your audience isn’t out there or you can longer reach them—you just have to do it differently and start by building trust. 

Dr. Tim Elmore will provide a proven process to increase generational diversity so you can leverage your team to win bigger

What do Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Chick-Fil-A, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have in common? They’ve all benefited from Dr. Tim Elmore’s revolutionary message about leveraging generational diversity. Tim is the founder and CEO of Growing Leaders, a nonprofit that equips organizations to maximize their impact by increasing their GQ (Generational Intelligence)

Let’s face it, the media tries to convince us that Baby Boomers and Gen-Z don’t have a whole lot in common. Pervasive stereotypes about each generation often prevent them from working together effectively. At ISC22, Tim will unpack ground-breaking research found within his forthcoming book: A New Kind of Diversity, to help you maximize your influence and impact.

Jay Jay will show us how to maximize your influence by creating a winning personal brand

What is at the core of your brand? You may know, but does your target audience know? Jay Jay, founder of Ace of Spades PR, is all about helping entrepreneurs find their audience, build their brand, and create sustainable systems of client acquisition for long-term growth. 

You must leverage all three assets to experience success: your audience, your brand, and your system. Jay Jay is an expert in helping you clarify your assets and align them for maximum impact. At ISC22, he’s going to share how to win with your personal brand through partnerships that expand your audience and income.

Create, deliver, and sustain a message bigger than you at ISC22

To learn more visit https://ignitingsoulsconference.com. Tickets are now almost all gone, so don’t delay. 

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