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A Peek Into the Entrepreneur Track at Igniting Souls Conference 2022

Each year at Igniting Souls Conference, we bring together a select group of speakers who have a message to share with the tribe. Coming from all walks of life and types of businesses, these speakers bring the knowledge to ISC so the tribe can expand their influence, impact, and income. 

This year on the Entrepreneur Track at ISC, we’re so excited to have an elite group of speakers who are going to teach you about everything from casting your vision to planning for your next great chapter.


Lee Benson will help you find your most important number

Every organization, every team, has an operating system or a way we do business. But not every operating system is maximizing value, utility, and talent. Lee Benson’s recent bestseller, Your Most Important Number, is all about using the MIND methodology to create strong teams and strengthen your company.

At ISC22, as part of the Entrepreneur Track, Lee is going to share all about his MIND methodology so you can increase collaboration, achieve your strategy, and execute to win.

Don’t miss Lee’s talk, Your Most Important Number: Increase Collaboration, Achieve Your Strategy, and Execute to Win at ISC22.


Kelly Knight and Mark O’Donnell will teach you the power of the visionary and integrator relationship 

Are you a visionary or an integrator? Both are important for building, sustaining, and growing a business and they’re very different. A visionary brings the creativity, drive, and passion that fuel growth, while the integrator creates and maintains balance and harmony.

Kelly and Mark, of EOS Worldwide, are going to go deeper on how to identify the visionaries and integrators in your business, how to utilize their strengths, and how to find your company’s winning formula in their talk, Visionaries and Integrators: How Every Business Can Leverage This Dynamic Duo.


Jon Giganti will help you overcome intention deficit disorder and live with intention

With a record number of distractions to take us away from what’s important in life, many of us are living reactively rather than proactively. Jon Giganti’s new book, With Intention, tackles the dangers of living without intention. As part of the Entrepreneur Track at ISC22, he’ll teach us how to create a proven path to uncommon results, unleashed influence & ultimate fulfillment

Dan Sullivan will help you understand the possibilities of 10x growth

Do you want your business to grow at a 10x rate or a 2x rate? 10x, obviously. But you might not think that kind of growth is possible. Best-selling author and co-founder of Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan, believes that 10x growth is not only possible but easier than 2x growth. In his talk, Why Growing 10x is Easier than 2x, Dan is going to help you understand how and why it’s better to think bigger.

Kathleen Adams will help you rethink your Second 50

As we age, we’re constantly bombarded with messages that tell us that the sun is setting on our opportunities in life. But what if we thought about planning for that time in our lives as planning for the next great period of vitality, creativity, and confidence? Kathleen Adams, founder of Second 50 Financial, believes that life after 50 is really just the beginning of the next 50.

She’s going to join us on the Entrepreneur Track at ISC22 to talk about how we can keep going instead of slowing down in her message, Second 50: Achieve Financial Confidence, Increase Opportunity Expansion Leverage Vitality Enhancement.

Take your business to the next level at ISC22

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