October 13

Web3 Track at Igniting Souls Conference 2022

A Full Line Up of Web3 Experts Scheduled for ISC22

We all know the world is becoming more and more connected online. But many people aren’t aware of the massive technological developments in Web3 allowing us to create whole new worlds. Web3 is the next version of the internet. It offers so much potential for thought leaders to reach new audiences, leverage their message in new ways, and ignite more souls.

At ISC (October 21-23), we’ve invited some of the best minds together to help you do this. With our new track system, we have an entire conference experience tailored to Web3 topics that feature speakers and breakout sessions covering everything from digital assets to how the metaverse is being built around us. 

Lee Richter will help you leverage NFTs to grow your influence and impact

NFTs are all over the news these days. But so many authors and thought leaders still don’t realize just how powerful they are as a tool to create engagement and client loyalty. Non-fungible tokens offer access to experiences. Lee Richter is an experienced author, entrepreneur, and CEO who recognized this trend early and jumped in head first. In her talk, NFT Basics for Authors, Entrepreneurs, and Influencers, Lee is going to break down all the basic concepts and big ideas you need to know to leverage NFTs.

Gisele Wyne will help you open up whole new VR worlds for your audience

Virtual reality is the next generation of online learning—and you can be an early adopter. With immersive experiences and customizable interfaces, the possibilities for VR courses and content are infinite. Gisele Wyne, Director of Operations for RetreatVR.io, is joining us at ISC22 to give you the formula for creating compelling content in virtual reality. Retreat is an industry-leader in VR platform, and we loved working with them to create a VR course on publishing. That’s why we’re so excited to have Gisele join us for her talk, Impact: The Formula to Create Compelling Content in VR. She’s going to walk you through the proven steps to launching your content into the immersive world of virtual reality. 

Fatemeh Monfared will show you how the metaverse is coming together all around us

Fatemeh Monfared is a trailblazer who has found her home in the metaverse. She’s a metaverse architect who is designing whole new worlds for humanity to inhabit, and she’s joining us at ISC 22 to give you a look under the hood of how she’s doing it. In her talk, Architecting the Metaverse, Fatemeh will walk you through what the metaverse is, why it matters, and how she and other architects are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Web3. Fatemeh has already seen her work come to life in the Decentraland, where she’s helped start-ups create new online spaces for investing and collaboration.

Dr. Annelize Booysen will show you how to enter the metaverse as an entrepreneur

The metaverse is not just a cool new development online. It can be a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and thought leaders if you know how to use it, and Dr. Annalize Booysen is joining us at ISC22 to show you how to do it. Her strategy is based on years of work helping visionaries and creators turn their vision into an operational reality, and coaching thought leaders directly on how to use the metaverse to their advantage. In her talk, A Metaverse for Entrepreneurs Wanting to Make a Difference, Annalize is going to walk you through step-by-step how to integrate the metaverse into your business for maximum reach and impact.

Medha Parlikar will teach you strategies for using all of Web3 to your advantage

Web3 is not just cool technology. As Authors, Influencers and Entrepreneurs we need to understand how to incorporate Web3 into our businesses. Medha Parlikar is going to do just that for us at ISC22 in her talk, The Web3 World Straight and Simple. As the CTO and Co-Founder of CasperLabs, the first blockchain built for enterprise adoption, Medha knows what she’s talking about. She has 30+ years of tech experience, including delivering Saas Software for Adobe for two decades. She knows exactly how Web3 technology is applicable to business and life. Medha is a charismatic, process-oriented leader with a track record of delivering business results. We are eager to learn from her.

Brenda Cohen will teach you how to maximize engagement with gamification

If you’re a thought leader of any kind, building a community around your message is essential. Community drives engagement, excitement, and opportunity—but it can be hard to build. Brenda Cohen of Award Pool is joining us at ISC22 to teach us about gamification and how to use it to build your community around your message. Gamification is a process of turning your content into digital activities that transform your message into an experience. Brenda and Award Pool are truly innovators in this space, and even helped us launch gamified widgets on ignitingsouls.com. In her talk, Using Web3 to Help Drive Community, Engagement, and Monetization, Brenda will teach you how to turn your message into a gamified experience to maximize your engagement potential.

Suman Kanuganti will help you increase your impact with a personal AI

Have you ever been so busy that you wished you could clone yourself just to get everything done? Well, a version of that future is here. Suman Kanuganti, founder and CEO of Personal.ai, helps thought leaders develop an artificial intelligence of their own mind to increase productivity so that they can focus their time on what’s most important for their company. At ISC22, Suman will be sharing, Developing Your Own Personal AI, where he’ll walk you through this process, its benefits, and how you can get in on the ground floor of personal AI development.

Eric Diaz will help us look at how Web3 is affecting the way we buy, sell and trade

With anything new, it can be difficult to see how it’s really affecting us and our day-to-day lives. Eric Diaz, a Research Analyst at Motus Capital Management is going to help us take a good look at Web3 and its impact now and in the future in his talk, The Future of Money: How Web 3 Is Affecting the Way We Buy, Sell and Trade. After beginning to invest in digital assets in 2016, Eric has become dedicated to understanding the underlying technology and its correlation to the assets represented. He serves as a blockchain consultant for businesses offering solutions to integrate the technology in ways that best fit their strategy. Eric is a perfect fit to help us dive deeper into Web3 during conference this year. Hs someone who is passionate about the cryptocurrency industry. He has a background in blockchain programming (Solidity) and digital assets analysis throughout various market cycles.

Sharad Agarwal will help us unpack the Metaverse and what it means to us

Before we can reimagine our businesses and our lives in the Metaverse, we have to understand what it is and what opportunities it brings us. Sharad Agarwal is going to help us to do just that in his talk, The Metaverse. Sharad is the CEO & Chief Metaverse Officer at Cyber Gear, the first digital agency, which he founded in 1996. As a Web3 Impact Entrepreneur, Sharad has built a strong community of 30,000 members. He regularly helps groups unpack this topic as a Keynote Speaker as well as a consultant for several well-known brands such as British Airways, FedEx, Sharp, Xerox, Toshiba, Matsushita, Total, Shell, and many more. Sharad advises start-ups in the e-commerce and meta domain to raise funds and form strategic global partnerships. He has successfully launched a variety of NFT projects from art projects to play-to-earn game projects to NFT authentication services. 

Nadav Zemier will share how he turned his undersold book into a Web3 nonprofit, and quit his day job

As authors, entrepreneurs and influencers we need to be open to the possibilities and new opportunities that Web3 technology brings. Nadav did just that. As an award-winning physics robotics teacher, principal, blockchain expert and former software engineer in Silicon Valley, he wrote Education in the Digital Age: How We Get There. That book really came to life when he made the Web3 Education shift and turned that book into an NFT App where high schoolers are challenging the education system. 

Kary Oberbrunner will help us make sense of the metaverse, NFTs, cryptocurrency, virtual reality, augmented reality and Web3

The biggest revolution in history is unfolding right before our eyes. The new internet is upon us, blending two worlds—digital and physical. Today’s dreams are tomorrow’s reality. Science fiction is now science fact—made possible through blockchain technology. Welcome to Web3, where everything changes. Global changes like economies, currencies, governments, and education. And personal changes like identity, sex, communication, and health.

Kary Oberbrunner, co-author of the upcoming book, Blockchain Life: Making Sense of the Metaverse, NFTs, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Web3, will help us navigate the noise and discern between hype and hope. With unbiased expertise, Kary will unpack the pros and cons of the metaverse, NFTs, virtual reality, augmented reality, cryptocurrencies, and much more. Kary is the CEO of Igniting Souls Publishing Agency and has trained over 250,000 authors, coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs. 

Reach new heights and whole new worlds on the Web3 track at ISC22

We’re so excited about this Web3 track at the Igniting Souls Conference 2022 not just because of our great panel of speakers, but also because of the thought and care they put into crafting their messages for the tribe. Even if you’re not a Web3 wizard, this track is here to help you learn the basics, embrace the potential, and apply emerging Web3 technology to your business. 

To find out more about these speakers that are going to help you grow your business at ISC22, check out https://ignitingsoulsconference.com/

And don’t wait to buy your ticket! Conference is coming up fast, and you won’t want to miss out. Virtual tickets available.


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