June 27

Blockchain marketing strategies for authors, entrepreneurs and influencers


Authors, entrepreneurs, and influencers are accustomed to using Web2. We’re all online, on social media, spreading our message through interactive information sharing. Web3, the blockchain, and the metaverse are about to take that to a whole new level. 

Instead of being a thought leader spread across several platforms, you can be a single avatar in the metaverse. You can spread your message to more people on an integrated network. Here are some key things about Web3 that will influence marketing strategies for authors, entrepreneurs, and influencers:

More seamless payments

In this new Web3 environment, thought-leaders will be able to market their ideas, goods, and services in a way that is much less cumbersome. For example, if you’re on a webinar or livestream and want to pay the speaker, instead of logging into PayPal, which has to talk to your bank and then talk to the receiver’s PayPal and their bank—paying them will be more like handing over a $20 or $50 bill. 

As Joe De Pinto and I talked about in episode 27 of the Blockchain Life podcast, cryptocurrency can also save authors, entrepreneurs, and speakers money on credit card fees. 

Because payments on Web3 are more seamless, there are fewer intermediaries and fewer fees for transactions.

Immersive marketing strategies for authors in the metaverse

The metaverse offers a whole new world of opportunities for marketing your products and services. We’re already seeing examples of this new immersive marketing world with big brands. Nike launched a metaverse showroom called Nikeland, and Gucci created an experiential marketing atmosphere called Gucci Garden. 

Both of those were done through the video game Roblox, which offers embodied gameplay and developer tools. But as the metaverse continues to grow and expand, these kinds of immersive marketing experiences won’t be limited to video games. They will be integrated into many of online spaces, like social media, where we already spend a lot of time in Web2. 

Imagine the possibilities. A fiction author could create an immersive metaverse experience centered on the world they create in their book. Entrepreneurs could create brand experiences in the metaverse. They can allow people to tour their products and services in a virtual reality setting. Speakers could even have events and talks IN the metaverse to reach new and bigger audiences.

ISBNFT Registry

NFTs and the world of “one of one”

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a new frontier for authors, entrepreneurs, and speakers. Instead of selling one book and not receiving royalties on the resale of that book later, creating an NFT allows an author to make perpetual income off of their intellectual property. 

As an author, you could also create additional products based off your book that are NFTs. These add exclusivity to your product suite because they are “one of one.”

One of one means that the digital asset is unique and non-fungible. This could offer new ways for speakers to sell tickets for an event or talk, and for entrepreneurs to offer coaching services, live calls, and consulting.

There are so many possibilities in Web3 for authors, entrepreneurs, and speakers to introduce new marketing strategies and reach new audiences. For more on this, you can check out episode 27 with Joe De Pinto about payments and episode 17 with Brenden O’Neil about the NFT marketplace. Listen on your favorite podcast app and subscribe for new episodes weekly.

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