The JAAZ Assessment

The JAAZ Assessment

Just Add A Zero

Remove the Film, Outperform your Competition, and Grow Exponentially through Collaboration

What if you could add a zero?
If you had the ability to add a zero to any area of your life, where would you place it? Time? Family? Money? Health? The truth is, you’re much closer to that reality than any other time in history.

Remove the Film

  1. I have a process to identify the friction in my business

Successful JAAZ Score

  1. Of your 12 questions above, please count how many fit each of the 5 categories and write that number in the respective blank below:
  2. Never: x (1) =
  3. Almost Never: x (2) =
  4. Often: x (3) =
  5. Almost Always: x (4) =
  6. Always: x (5) =