Experience Igniting Souls live, online or in person, at these special events created just for you.

Igniting Souls Conference
October 21-24, 2021

Igniting Souls Conference is a World Class event for World Changers. Each year, we gather—a select group of authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, and speakers with a message to share and a tribe to serve. We view and do life differently because we know our identity, purpose, and direction—who we are, why we're here, and where we're going. The more clarity we gain, the more our influence, impact, and income grows. This year, enjoy even more options. Enjoy your on-site ticket live from Columbus, Ohio or your experiential ticket from anywhere in the world. Show up filled up, and get ready for transformation in your life and business. Act now to get early bird pricing. Tickets are limited, and this event fills to capacity.   

Keynote Speaker:
Brian Bullock of Motiversity

Igniting Souls Professional Network (ISPN)
Monthly on the Second Wednesday

Igniting Souls Professional Network (ISPN) is a cutting-edge professional network designed to help you grow your influence, impact, and income. ISPN meets once a month on a state-of-the art online platform that allows you to learn, grow, and engage with fellow authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, and speakers. Each month includes a value-packed training session plus networking time to collaborate with your peers. Join us for the next ISPN meeting.   

Show Up Filled Up Online Workshop
July 10, 2021

In this interactive workshop, you’ll discover how to:

 - Generate—what many call—“luck” and “good fortune” on a daily basis.
 - Establish instant credibility and influence with anyone, anywhere.
 - Get everything you want out of people and life without even asking.

Kary Oberbrunner shares his secret to success, a proven process that helped him partner with Hollywood celebrities from Shawshank Redemption, share the stage with Olympic and NCAA Champions, turn a young adult novel into a seven-figure empire, collaborate with global leaders in multiple industries, and help solve some of the world’s biggest humanitarian challenges.

Ignite Your Business One-Day Workshop
July 17, 2021

Ready to increase your online influence, impact, and income? This workshop with expert business coach Niccie Kliegl will turn your ideas into action. Get ready for a day of working ON your business, not IN your business. Start implementing 12 simple steps that will help you attract clients, make sales, and increase profit.

Set fire to your business and brand!