AUTHORS: Lead the way OR get left behind

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My Open Letter to Authors

*Not your normal webinar landing page copy, I know*

Hello Author Friend, 

It's an exciting time in human history.
We're on the edge of a seismic shift.

But this isn't something you don't already know. 
You've felt it, deep inside your bones. 

You can try and avoid it, or you can lean in. 
Is it scary? Sure. 
But it's even scarier to ignore it. 

Your choice. Lead the way or get left behind. 
Don't worry. I'm here to help. 
And at our live training, I'll pull back the curtain. 

Do I have all the answers? 
Not a chance. Anyone who says they do is lying. 

However, I will tell you what's right around the corner.
And most importantly, how to leverage your book, brand, and business in light of the inevitable Web3 revolution. 

Can't wait. 


PS: Tell any author friend that you care about. 
Together, we can create an exciting new future.