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This package helps you relaunch your book the right way with optimized Amazon SEO, Public Relation Assets and more.

  1. Amazon Author Page Optimization (bio, keywords, categories, additional books)
  2. Ten (10) branded social media "shareables"
  3. A digital press kit that increases your media interview opportunities
  4. A professionally written press release distributed to major media
  5. 3D book image
  6. Amazon A+ Marketing Page and Copy


Our Global Book Livestream is the perfect way to bring attention to your new or existing book.

 This package includes: 

  1. A 30 Minute Interview with our Trained Host
  2. Positioning your book in a way that gathers attention and potential clients
  3. Graphics for you to share on social media 
  4. Custom designed livestream frame adds to your credibility
  5. Livestream broadcast on multiple platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to our 100,000+ followers
  6. Our team manages the livestream and posts relevant comments in real-time leading back to your book & business. 
  7. You receive raw video file (Leverage as micro content on social, website, etc.)

Some Past Examples: (We've done over 100 livestream launches)

  • Dan Sullivan: Co-founder of Strategic Coach, WSJ & USA Today bestselling author of Who Not How and The Gap and the Gain
  • Steven Kotler: Founder of Flow Research Collective and New York Times bestselling author and award-winning journalist 
  • John Lee Dumas: Entrepreneur on Fire and bestselling author of Uncommon Success
  • Justin Donald: #1 WSJ and USA bestselling author of Lifestyle Investor 
  • Kelly Joseph: Amazon bestselling author and mom of Tyler Joseph Grammy Winning Lead Singer of Twenty-One Pilots


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  1. 3 ISBN Numbers (for Softcover, Hardcover, eBook) (Value $375)
  2. Up to 2 UPC Barcodes (Value $50)
  3. Author Academy Elite branding. (Priceless)
  4. Author Academy Elite listed as your publisher. (Priceless)

*You must redeem your ISBN's by 2/1/24 (This means that you submit your title and sub-title to

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